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When you have a plan to traveling with your kids, you may think you have to install your baby's car seat for her own eating safety. Safety on the road is very important. Our taxi service especially provides a taxi with a child car seat.

What is Baby transport?

Current child car seat law states that in a licensed taxi or a minicab (private hire vehicles) a child can only travel without a child car seat if they sit on a rear seat. Three years old child can travel using the adult seat belt to strap them there and travel.

The law about providing seat belts and child seats in taxis, coaches, buses, and minibuses are different from cars, as is the law about children having to use them in these vehicles.

However, transport organizations who carry children in taxis, buses, coaches or minibuses still. If any person chose our company to travel his child our company duty of care to ensure that they carry them safely. Taxi companies are required by law to provide child car seats in taxis.

Under three old child can travel without using a seat belt. However, this doesn’t mean it’s the best way for such young children to travel. The best way to travel to children using a child car seats.

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